¡Administre varios proyectos al mismo tiempo desde la misma plataforma!

Project Control is made of several integral modules:  

Projects Module

Inventory Module

Accounting Module

Purchases Module

Systematize any project's control you need to administer. Every step, section resource and transaction within the project is registered, controlled and administered from Project Control's platform.


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     Módulo de Proyectos

Administer several projects at once from the same platform. Every project can be sectioned into EDT elements for a better control and a full insight of steps and progress of the projects.

Suplies and resources planification.

Program the use of resources and supplies assigned to each project, control the use of integrated resources through the Supply Explosion option, so can always compare and control planning vs execution.

Budgeted quantity change management.

The module allows you to adjust changes that can arise in the initial budget, on the go, to fulfill your objectives on time.

Catering rules-setting

Set rules for catering, minumums and maximums, considering delivery times.

    Módulo de Inventarios

Supply Explosion

Project Control's central module: through analytical accounts, compare the quantity of planned resources vs the real quantity.
Check your supply stock, and how the planning compares to the execution.

New supply request

You can request more supplies for the project execution and compared immediately how much the project has gone over or under planning, giving you a panoramic view of the project and the actual execution state.

Warehouse in-&-out validation

Project Control facilitates the reception and expeditions of supplies in and out of your warehouses, with delivery time estimate, routes & linked with the inventory module. 

Aviability Report

Verify the availability of your supplies bye delivering or distributing to any of your projects, from any of your warehouses.

Supply requests validation

Supply purchase orders can be verified for real necessity, agent who placed the order, for which project and why it's being requested, before being approved. On top of all this, it's integrated to the Accounting & Purchase Module.

Project intependent warehouse 

Manage your inventory for each individual project under the same platform, with Project Control.

Define your delivery routes according to your projects needs

Complete traceability of your warehouses routes & transfers, structuring its supply chain.

   Módulo de Contabilidad

Keep track of your costs, inventory, budgets and collections, all this through the accounting module.

Expenses Center

Identify project expenses through labels. It can be visualized from a task or each individual EDT, all the way up to the full project. 

Project Invoicing

Suppliers and clients invoicing analysis and detailed summary.

Supply payments control

Make and check your current and conciliated suppliers and clients payment, with access to your entire contact list, registered in the accounting module.

   Módulo de compras

Have, a tight control over your suppliers invoices, registered liquidity movements and manage your contacts by supplier, person & company. Also monitor your client quotations, purchase requests and productos yo be received.

Purchase approval levels:

Purchase Draft

Here you select who makes the request, its administrative privileges, for which project delivery note type, which product description.

Approval pending

The user with authorization privilege has a summary of the purchase requests, and this user can approve or deny them.


Project Control register which requests were approved by the administrative user.


Summary of the petitions.

Various supplier quotations

Structure the quotations from your different suppliers, for better decisions making.

Control through purchase request

Supplier quotations lists

Purchase only what's necessary for the project.

¡Project control esta totalmente integrado con otros módulos de Odoo! 

Projects Module

  • EDT elements.
  • Hours Control.
  • Resources planification (materials, labor, services, etc.).
  • Budgeted quantities change andministration.

Inventory Module

  • Explosión de insumos.
  • Validación de entradas y salidas de almacén.
  • Almacén independiente por proyecto.
  • Define rutas avanzadas adaptadas a las necesidades del proyecto.
  • Trazabilidad completa de los insumos.

Accounting Module

  • Control through analytic accounts.
  • Control de costos.
  • Control del presupuesto.
  • Facturación del proyecto.
  • Cobranza.
  • Control del pago de insumos.
  • Control contable de inventario.

Purchases Module

  • Presupuesto con varios proveedores.
  • Control por medio de requisiciones de compra.
  • Niveles de aprobación de compras.
  • Lista de precios de proveedores.
  • Compre solo lo requerido por proyecto.